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“They give you the opportunity to have autonomy and put a personal stamp on things.“There is a lovely atmosphere at The Hog’s Head Inn and I’m looking forward to working with the team in the kitchen to drive the food offer here.”Kelvin will be bringing in a new menu to the Hog’s Head which he describes as being ‘pub food and a little bit more’.“I don’t have a particular cooking style as such,” he said.

“I just enjoy cooking and like people to enjoy what I make.

Customers spend a huge £1.2bn in the nation’s 10,500 chippies, with more than half taking their meal home to eat with the family.

Britain’s love for chippies goes deeper still with fish and chips being named as an “English icon” in a recent national survey.

If the French had such a wonderful fish as the pollan they’d celebrate it with a festival and probably a national holiday!

We tend to ignore the bounties we have like this pollan and another gift from the Lough in the form of eels.

She says this is still one of the most delicious things she’s ever eaten.

But after five years of London living, a trip home to his native Northumberland persuaded Kelvin to swap the cement and glass of city life for the beaches and castles of England’s most northerly county.

My mother remembers having pollan in the now closed, Bluebird Cafe in Antrim when she was young.

They fried it simply in butter and then served it with straight off the griddle, hot soda farls.

Only a few fishermen catch them now and sadly most of this beautiful silver hued fish is exported to Switzerland where it’s prized and cherished.

Back home it’s rare to see it on menus and most people aren’t aware of this national treasure.


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