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The nearly 8 month long investigation cost Sheriff Rugg the election and tarnished his wifes reputation at her job.

It also cost our county a good deal of money investigating it.

Dont take this as being insensitive, but weve sort of forgotten that this all started with a person who became drunk, went and got a shotgun, and made threats.

Please dont think in any way that I support use of force as the only option in dealing with Mr.

John Conyers announced his retirement from Congress after several women came forward with sexual harassment charges against him.

Hes 88 years old and the longest serving Representative in Congress. The younger, Conyers, 27, would be a first-time political candidate.

It is a fantastic country to visit, with its hyper-modern cities of millions, high-speed rail, pristine villages in its beautiful mountains and spectacular historical castles.We also need to remember our actions from the past in situations that involve investigating of the actions of law enforcement.Weve forgotten that within days of an accusation, a special prosecutor was appointed by our county to investigate Sheriff Justin Rugg for allegedly committing domestic battery against his wife in December of last year.I believe it is important to investigate this incident as rigorously as we did an alleged domestic battery - which resulted in no charges being filed.In the end, hopefully, the truth will be known and justice will be served.Now we can move on to something that hasnt been discussed much since the write-in campaign started.


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