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The nihilistic and nasty road film set in modern-day France and shot on grainy digital video, featured two main female characters (both French adult film stars), lower-class French 'bad girls' who appeared to have lesbian tendencies: Its porno-style, animalistic sexuality (fellatio, ejaculation and penetration) included - in the first fifteen minutes - an explicit and brutal rape/sodomy scene in an abandoned underground parking garage (against Manu and a drug-addicted friend of hers), with a close-up insert shot of the violated vagina of the friend.

Manu's friend struggled, screamed, and resisted (and was bloodily beaten), while Manu laid back and accepted the violation from behind from the rapist - who soon became disinterested in her.

The script was adapted from Despentes' own 1995 novel.

The French female empowerment film was a very violent, sensationalist, bold, graphic and hard-core sex-filled version of Natural Born Killers (1994) and Thelma & Louise (1991) - a nihilistic and self-destructive picture that ran into extreme protest and controversy.

Pressure groups sought to have the French government reclassify it as X-rated.

It was banned in France, its native country of release.

She victimized the pathetic, socially-inept, and lonely dweeb Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) working in a San Francisco call-center after he wished to get closer to unattainable co-worker Alison Gardner (Frances O'Connor) ("I would do anything to have that girl in my life").

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Manu stole 10,000 francs from her brother's stash, then kidnapped Nadine when they had a chance meeting at a metro station.

Manu forced her to drive them to Paris, as the two soon teamed up and told each other: "We'll follow our lucky star." They were tired of being pushed around by losers and low-lifes in their seedy, marginal neighborhood, so they decided to engage in a lucrative shooting spree and sexual romp across France.

The most shocking was the murder of his associate Paul Allen (Jared Leto).

the tune of "Hip to Be Square," Bateman wore a clear rain-slicker in his apartment, as he hit his co-worker over the head with a shiny new axe head - with blood splattering over his face from the impact of the multiple vicious strikes (off-screen).


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