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But if you were a 20-year-old girl looking for her first break and someone told you enough times to fix your nose, you might fix your nose.’So she has thrived on her own terms, but was there a moment when she first thought, ‘This is a long way from Sutton Coldfield? You’re walking down the red carpet and you see a million people around you and somewhere in the back of your head you’ve got images from being a child and seeing Cher’s crazy gowns.‘But you know what, I really love my garden in LA.

I often get up before anyone else and I am there in my pyjamas having a cup of coffee outside on a big, soft, comfy couch and the sun’s shining.

He told me he wanted to be with me for ever.’They married the following year in Rome, a quiet affair for a very private couple. Her career has soared, while he is still working but not doing quite so well. I couldn’t do what I do without him, and he couldn’t do what he does without me.

Neither of us wants to sacrifice anything to do with our son Milo in order for a career.

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He comes first for both of us.’Milo was born 18 months ago. They become the brilliant friendships they are by the progression of time.’Both still have close ties to home, as becomes obvious when I ask how she spends all the money she is earning in the States? I save for Milo’s school fees or his university time. I can fly my mum and dad out if I want to, for example.’When you have money like her, yes.

They co-ordinate their diaries so that one is always with their son if the other is away, so is Paddy home alone with the baby right now? I take him to sensory classes on Monday, he does gym on Tuesday, Wednesday he’s swimming, Thursday is gym, and Friday is swimming.’Is Milo going to be brought up as an American? But how do you stop your son being spoiled by all that?

The show is produced by Brits Simon Fuller (creator of Pop Idol) and Nigel Lythgoe (producer of Pop Idol).‘I didn’t try and be anything I’m not. What’s funny is the flat A’s from being a Brummie work brilliantly over there.

I was a bit kooky, a bit bonkers, I said what I thought, I did silly stuff and nobody tried to curtail it, and they also gave me the time to grow on people as well.’Other Brits have tried but failed to break American television because of their voices – Cheryl Cole, for example, was told her Geordie accent was just too strange for the US X Factor – but Deeley says that her West Midlands sound goes down well. Gl-a-ss, p-a-ss – all that works really well.’She is gorgeous, but American showbiz has its own ideas of beauty, so did anyone ever tell her to get a facelift or fix her nose or anything like that? But I think that’s also because I’d reached a certain point in my career, and I was a certain age too. The first time I went to the Emmy awards they got me diamonds and a Valentino gown.


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