Who is silkk the shocker dating

But me I'm not into-Like if I was taking it back to my city days or whatever, it would probably be an issue.

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But while the outside ventures brought in beaucoup bucks and helped elevate the brand, P’s bread and butter was always the music.

Thanks to artists like Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Silkk The Shocker and P himself, the label was able to sell over 80 million records worldwide.

In fact, No Limit albums were generating so much income that P never had to tour—which is the way most artists today make their money.

I like him as an artist." Silkk also responds to his status as one of the worst rappers ever, arguing that he has sold a lot more records than other rappers, and was trying to remain unique and offbeat.

It’s hard to believe that No Limit Records’ stronghold on the rap game was 15 long years ago.

The craziest part about the label’s success was that the sales didn’t come from heavy radio or video airplay—people were just incredibly loyal to the brand.

Artists on No Limit had no promotion other than magazine ads and the tank logo and ‘Executive Producer: Master P’ tag on the back of their colorful albums.


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