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It’s because people like a certain amount of repetition and then they want to get away from it and then they want to come back to the familiar. But in an epic you’re just moving on into new section after new section, which might be a little scary. does not compute.” But after repeated listenings and after you get used to it for a while, then it can become really refreshing to go into new section after new section. But when you have a promotion team like BMG that is very excited and has the resources yet still gives you a reasonable, good record deal, sometimes there is benefit to farming it out.They’ve actually done studies that when a person is hearing new music for the first time sometimes it lights up the fear part of the brain. STEREOGUM: One thing that jumped out to me about Mosaic is that it will be on a different record label than your previous LP STER3OL1TH1C, which was released on your own 311 Records label. Because when it’s 311 Records it’s basically a ton of stuff right on our manager’s shoulders because they become the label."It feels less conservative to me," he says, admitting the album takes some "left turns" and will, at times, explore some "weird" sounds."But as always, there's a lot of riffs and really good high energy stuff that's going to be great for a live setting.

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So we started talking about new songs and he had so many ideas and just so much enthusiasm that it was like a steamroller of excitement. It turned out to be a great decision." All roads currently lead to March 11 -- 311 Day -- which will be held in its most recent iteration in New Orleans.

It’s one of the things I’ll ask you about later but it’s kind of this conspiracy thing we have going on.

That song is really about the experience of the cruise and going to an island with 3,000 new and old friends and having the time of their life.

STEREOGUM: I was going to ask you about the cruise later, but staying on Mosaic for a quick second: New album, 17 tracks, and it’s the first time in 311 history it contains two songs that are longer than five minutes.

Do 311 have an aversion to long songs or is it a goal to make most 311 songs three minutes and 11 seconds? Just songs that have a lot of different new parts and don’t follow a traditional song structure.


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