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I believe the freaked out part; she was definitely in distress in her performance.

If so, what elements contribute to this, or alternatively, prevent this from occurring? Good question, although we've definitely done this one before.

That's probably one of my favorite scenes that Rick ever shot. It seems the cover art for many of the fa-pro movies often looks similar, even if the content of the film is quite different.

But seeing Camille Keaton get her face kicked in during the original I Spit On Your Grave... I means, she was barely moving and the guy is just kicking her over and over. When it comes to their movies, you really have to check the title (if ordering from a site that provides the titles) and take a close look at the pictures on the back cover.

Today’s Pic: She looks so much better with her boots off. If that still wasn't enough for you, go to plays like a surrealistic dream, so a traditional plot is not required. It wasn't entirely successful for the very reason you mentioned..enough story and not enough motivation for the villain to be doing these things to Jane. he actually talked this time) and his verbal threatening toward Jane was effective and added to the story.

------- Fritz wrote: Is there a point where GIMP scenes lose their entertainment value because they are too realistic? Yes, it’s realistic that a well-cracked whip can leave bloody, broken skin in its wake. I’d rather see just enough of a mark to convince me that it’s really happening, while I focus my attention on the sweating, squirming, screaming, crying naked victim. Not only was the movie not made in Brazil..was actually released in this century! Who is the busty babe strapped into the elaborate torture device, and what is the movie? That's cool, but without any verbal interplay or relationship between the only two characters (except for the torture of course), I'm afraid I'll lose interest very quickly. Nonetheless, I prefer films like is a better film for that reason. As I've gotten older and more jaded and seen so many of these, I've learned to discriminate and will take off points if I don't see what I like. You've got to have some interaction between villain and victim.


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