Salpeter dating

The papers selected highlight some of the advances that have been made to date, both in understanding why these compounds behave in the way they do, and in utilizing them in applications.The papers included in the collection have been made free to read.Our results suggest that when absorption dominates scatter, the intensity Green’s function from a BTE model is similar to the field correlation Green’s function from a BSE solution.

The local nature of x-ray mediated electronic excitations, involving transitions to or from localized, atomic-like, core levels, makes them ideal probes of local electronic properties: bonding character, charge transfer, and local geometry.

We knew the Feynman theory of quantum electrodynamics, but we said to ourselves 'Well, really one ought to be able to do this also for particles that interact strongly.' And, so we set out to... in an external field, let's say the field of an atom, strong field of an atom.

And we convinced ourselves that one could generalize the quantum electrodynamics to include strong interaction, and we constructed an equation for two interacting...

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