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Privacy: The app accesses all of your Facebook information, something that is "typically a turnoff for people who don’t want to accidentally see the profiles of their colleagues or worry about embarrassing notifications popping up on their Timeline," as Wortham explains But, in exchange for that, it promises not to shamelessly promote itself on your timeline.A More Controlled Environment: The app only lets people who have mutually liked each other (based mostly on their photo) message each other.It uses all the data and information people put into the social network, without broadcasting anything to the rest of the social network.With that, the app "successfully manages to decrease the creepiness of communicating with strangers ten-fold," write two women on NYU Local.Honolulu is believed to be the first major city to introduce such a ban which officials are hailing as 'milestone legislation that sets the bar high for safety'.Honolulu City Council passed a bill Wednesday that prohibits pedestrians from looking at electronic devices while crossing the street.

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A second violation would cost from to and a third in one year could cost from to .

Texting while crossing the street will be banned in Honolulu from tomorrow under a new law which will see violators fined up to .

The new legislation, which comes into force in the Hawaii capital and surrounding county on Wednesday, will allow police to fine pedestrians for checking their phone while crossing an intersection.

While one could encounter a Catfish situation, it's a lot less likely because Tinder also uses this Facebook data to link people up with mutual friends.

If something suspicious comes up, just ask that mutual friend, who can confirm or deny that they know this is a real-life person.


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