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After years of postponements, war against the Islamic State, genocide by Saddam Hussein, civil war and infighting, the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq will vote on a referendum for independence this fall.

In those days, it was rumoured that she went by the name of "Diana" - some say it was her nom de guerre.

A Kurdish Islamic Party statement read, “Referendum and independence are an inalienable and natural right.” Kirkuk Gov.

Najmaldin Karim, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and outspoken advocate of independence for many years, said his city would support it.

Kurdistan exports almost all its oil via Turkey, a necessity since the chaos of the war with ISIS cut the Kurdish region off from Baghdad.

Also, Turkey opposes the Shi’a militias in Iraq and has waged a war of words with Baghdad over the presence of Turkish troops in the Kurdish region, some of whom have been training mostly Sunni Arab IDPs from Mosul.


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