Counterculture dating

Vaping and Mindset The new generation grew up surrounded by dire warnings against smoking.

By the time they hit the age of rebellion, they were highly unlikely to entertain smoking as an option. Combine their distaste for smoking with a penchant for a healthy lifestyle, and vaping was a much more feasible option.

They have been taught to live in a sickening cyclone of libertinism, and told that they are nauseous because they aren’t spinning fast enough. the fundamental vocation of every human being.” And each person “bears both the vocation to love, and the need to be loved by others.” The only truly human way for one person to relate to another, the only way that truly satisfies us and fulfills our deepest, most fundamental needs, is loving the “other” as “other,” desiring their good as we desire our own. John Paul II calls this the “particular portion of human beings.”In this reading of human nature, sex is the most intimate and vulnerable expression of love, and in its noble fullness, gives us children who enrich our lives and binds us mightily to our spouses.

These countercultural students are forming groups that act as safe spaces, communities of like-minded people protecting themselves and each other from the pressure to participate in soulless hook-ups and their sad consequences.

They are creating associations like Love Saxa, a campus group at Georgetown University that promotes healthy romance and sexual integrity.

Two more aspects of vaping that align it with the emerging generation are its tech-savvy options and the strong vaping community found both in-person and online.

While music venues may have vaping rules similar to smoking rules, many music festivals are becoming more open to vaping.


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