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The means were served family style in ample proportions.

Austin was quite a town in its day, with several saloons, stores and even a jail.

This mill was owned and operated by Bill Eccles, a brother to David Eccles, owner of Oregon Lumber Company.

It was surrounded by prime timber, with Dixie Butte (elevation 7592 feet above sea level) towering over the town.In the beginning, the rails stopped at the former stagecoach stop of Austin Station.A large sawmill owned by Oregon Lumber Company was built beside the tracks at Austin.had been doing historical research on various topics of Eastern Oregon over the years, and he has compiled some valuable facts of the old Austin Cemetery.To check out his findings, you can click on the following link: Austin Cemetery The Sumpter Valley Railroad arrived in Austin during 1905.Doc met Minot at the stage and pointed a pistol at him.


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